Weight Management

Through massage and classes, Holistic Health Hanover instructs its clients on a holistic lifestyle.
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Weight Management

Weight Management | Holistic Health Hanover - Hanover, PA

At Holistic Health Hanover, we take the holistic approach to helping with weight management. Our lifestyle change and health awareness consultation is just the beginning to getting you on the right track. We use a holistic nurse access tool to help clients recognize their lifestyle patterns. We will work together to design a program that points you towards a more healthy lifestyle to help with your weight management.

Detox for Health– Detox isn’t about losing weight, although it’s a nice side effect. Detox is more about coming clean and removing the toxic burden on your body. It is about cleaning your internal and external environment. Set up an appointment to learn to get clean and stay clean in a toxic world. Benefits include weight loss, losing your muffin top, clearer thinking and less brain fog, and increased energy.

Stress and Sleep – Stress and sleep are major factors in helping to control weight management. We will discuss what the causes of stress are and how it affects your emotions, spirit and body. Together we will develop exercises to help with coping and stress reduction. Getting the right amount of uninterrupted sleep is also important. We will discuss sleep disorders, what causes them and healthy and natural ways to help you sleep better.