Stress Reduction

Through massage and classes, Holistic Health Hanover instructs its clients on a holistic lifestyle.
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Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction | Holistic Health Hanover - Hanover, PA

A major health risk is stress. When you have severely high levels of stress in your life, it affects everything from your immune system and the way your mind processes things, to your sleep patterns. At Holistic Health Hanover, we have found different holistic approaches to help with stress reduction in your life.

Reiki – The Japanese technique promotes healing for relaxation and stress reduction. We administer Reiki by lying on hands and treats you as a whole. This includes your body, spirit, mind and your emotions. You will notice many beneficial effects from Reiki that promotes feelings of well-being and relaxation.

Chakra Balancing – The 60-minute appointment helps to open your chakra and increase your energy and your energy flow. We use the Reiki gentle touch with essential oils. The more energy that flows through you, the healthier you are and the less stressed you become.

Fascial Reflexology – Fascial Reflexology is deeply relaxing and may help with anxiety and sleep issues, stress and fatigue. FR encourages the individual’s natural healing processes to help maintain the health and balance of the whole body. It works by using gentle facial massage techniques to stimulate reflex points, nerve points and zones of the face and scalp. FR helps bring the body’s chi back into alignment and balance. This is a wonderful treatment for facial rejuvenating and uplifting effects on the face, as the blood is stimulated and lymphatic drainage helps give a naturally glowing complexion. Facial Muscle Reflex Treatment (and add on to the basic Fascial Reflexology) lifts and tones all the facial muscles. It can help with recovering the facial muscles after a stroke of for lifting face muscles from illnesses as Bell’s Palsy. It also helps smooth out wrinkles for regular clients.

Any of our stress reduction therapy will help heal your mind and body. Call us today at Holistic Health Hanover for more information on any of our classes or massages.