Through massage and classes, Holistic Health Hanover instructs its clients on a holistic lifestyle.
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Massage | Holistic Health Hanover - Hanover, PA

We believe in the power of a massage to help heal your mind and your body. At Holistic Health Hanover, you’ll have your choice of an array of massage therapy in one of your relaxing and inviting massage rooms.

Therapeutic Massage – We use a combination of a Swedish and deep tissue massage. Therapeutic Massage helps to increase blood circulation, release muscle tension and increase range of motion. Therapeutic massage complements traditional medical treatment for pain, injury and illness. We combine kneading with superficial strokes to help with stress reduction and relaxation. We offer this massage for 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Healing Stone Therapy – Is an application of hot and cold stones to the body that blends several massage and energy techniques with or without aromatherapy. Using both hot and cold stones in different combinations will help the body reap the benefits of this relaxing and stimulating treatment.

Hot Towel Face Massage – This massage will help you relax while hydrating and moisturizing you skin. It also helps to increase your skin’s circulation. As an added benefit, we massage your arms, hands, shoulders and neck. The massage lasts 45 minutes.

‘M’ Technique – This massage technique uses a gentle rhythmic touch with or without essential oils. It works best on frail individuals, the elderly, dialysis patients, chemotherapy patients, hospice or palliative care. We recommend the ‘M’ Technique when you have or are getting over an illness. The massage lasts 60 minutes.

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