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Through massage and classes, Holistic Health Hanover instructs its clients on a holistic lifestyle.
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About Us

About Us | Holistic Health Hanover - Hanover, PA

“Holism is a concept of wellness; that state of harmony between mind, body and spirit, in an ever changing environment.” – Author Unknown

Donna Brown, an RN, BSN, HN-BC, LMT, CCAP and Reiki 2 Practitioner in Hanover, PA, opened Holistic Health Hanover. Our private practice in holistic healthcare and massage promotes a healthy lifestyle and healing process. Donna is a licensed massage therapist, certified Clinical aromatherapist, board-certified holistic nurse and a certified aromatherapy practitioner.

We believe in helping your body and mind through natural healing. Through oils, exercise, knowledge and massage, you are able to take care of yourself without adding unneeded medicines that may take a toll on your body in other ways. Practicing a holistic way of life and teaching others how to live their life in a healthy way is our number one goal.

“Holism offers an avenue for enhancing personal journeys toward wellness, and enabling others to assume self-responsibility of theirs.” – Author Unknown

You can guarantee you are safe with us. Help give the gift of relaxation to your family and friends. Please stop in to Holistic Health Hanover and see us to purchase a gift certificate today.

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