Holistic Health Care

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” -Carl Jung
When you are ready, Please call Holistic Health Hanover and let us help you direct your life through awareness and choices.

Through massage and classes, Holistic Health Hanover instructs its clients on a holistic lifestyle.
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Stress Reduction

Weight Management

Massage | Holistic Health Hanover

We believe in the power of a massage to help heal your mind and your body. At Holistic Health Hanover, you’ll have your choice of an array of massage...

Stress Reduction | Holistic Health Hanover

A major health risk is stress. When you have severely high levels of stress in your life, it affects everything from your immune system and the way your...

Weight Management | Holistic Health Hanover

At Holistic Health Hanover, we take the holistic approach to helping with weight management. Our lifestyle change and health awareness consultation is just...

Holism is a concept of wellness; that state of harmony between mind, body and spirit, in an ever changing environment. Holism embraces a world-view commitment to unity and healing; within ourselves, our communities, and our planet. Holism recognizes that true healing comes from within and that there are many paths to healing. We must choose our own paths. Holism views illness as an opportunity for increased awareness of the body-mind-spirit-inter-connectedness. Holism offers an avenue for enhancing personal journeys toward wellness, and enabling others to assume self-responsibility for theirs. ~ Anonymous

Welcome To Holistic Health Hanover

Variety of Services

We believe in a natural approach to health and healing at Holistic Health Hanover in Hanover, PA. Through classes and massage therapy, we are able to teach you the benefits of living a holistic lifestyle. Look at a few of the services and products we offer.


We can provide clinical aromatherapy in a massage or alone. Our therapeutic-grade essential oils help with bruises, headaches, colds or flu, muscle aches and spasms, injury of sprains or strains and fungal infections such as thrush, vaginal yeast infections and athlete’s foot.

BioMat Therapy

This FDA-approved therapy helps with pain and stress management. It combines FIR heat and negative ions to create a healing system that will give your body a biological balance. There are many health benefits to using BioMat therapy.

• Helps to improve lymph flow with reducing inflammation
• Will ease your stiffness and joint pain
• The therapy can eliminate toxins in your body
• It will alleviate tension and migraine headaches
• You will find a reduction in your allergy symptoms
• The immune system will improve in function
• BioMat therapy helps to improve cardiovascular health
• We use it to help with weight loss; the mat helps to burn calories
• Helps to improve skin quality and muscle tone
• The BioMat stimulates the cells in your musculoskeletal and nervous systems

Prepare for Surgery

We also provide guided imagery, breathing techniques, positive affirmations and massage to help our clients achieve relaxation before surgery.

Massage Oils

Not only do we provide massages and classes to help you lead a holistic lifestyle but we carry products for purchase to help you long after an appointment with us. Massage oils come in 4- or 8-oz. bottles that are made to order with every purchase.